Collection: * Viral *Magnesium Butter 10 oz.

NAME ON THE LABEL is the essential oils in it!:)

Ingredients: Avocado oil, Magnesium oil, Emulsifying wax, Distilled water, Essential oil.


Our bodies NEED Magnesium it makes up over 800 functions in or body!!

It helps with hundreds of important processes, including our muscles and nerves. Keeping your bones strong, heart healthy and blood sugar normal.


Our Magnesium lotions are made with simple ingredients ,offering maximum strength with benefits for:

Restlegs legs

Leg cramps

Growing pains so good for children!

Helps with a way better sleep! 

Muscle pains

Post work out relief for your muscles!


Great for that time of the month pain!;)


The list goes on and on !

Our Magnesium is so viral there are thousands of 5 star reviews on it! 

I have personally tried so many kinds sprays butters etc and this one works by far the BEST!!


Directions for use:

For deep sleep apply on bottoms of feet

Apply on sore muscles can be use as much as you want anywhere on the body but avoid your face!

 FYI if your magnesium tingles a little upon applying that means you are deficient! That will go away as you fill your body with this goodness!:)

TIP:  ON JUST SHAVED SKIN apply a thin layer of moisturizer first the apply Magnesium.

Want a HUGE BOOSTER POWERHOUSE to your Magnesium? add on our Baobab oil which is chuck full of anti-inflammatory benefits and great for pain sand so may the things including the toughest skin ailments and great for wrinkles!

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Please discontinue if any irritation occurs try a test patch before applying if sensitive skin.

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